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The Miner's Daughter
by Alice Duncan

Category: Fiction / Historical
352 pages; ISBN: 0821768808

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In 1910 Mojave Wells, California Martin Tafft finds his latest film in trouble when he learns the silver mine critical for his move is not abandoned. Instead Marigold Pottersby refuses to lease her property. His stomach hurts making him wonder if the stress is causing an ulcer especially since relocating at this late date would cost a fortune.

Since his father has invested a sizable amount of cash in Peerless Studios latest project Anthony Ewing goes west to persuade Marigold to let the film company use her mine. Tony and Mari are immediately attracted to one another although he cannot understand her loyalty to her thoughtless father and she cannot comprehend why he puts up with his avaricious father. Still the show must go on and soon an agreement is reached, but now sabotage threatens the movie and Mari’s life. Tony risks his own life to try to keep his stubborn beloved safe.

The third Peerless Studio historical romance is an engaging tale that like its predecessors (see COWBOY FOR HIRE and BEAUTY AND THE BRAIN) highlights the action of the early film industry. The story line beguiles the reader because the cast, including Tiny the Great Dane, seems real and enhances the early twentieth century era depicted in the book. Still the lead couple, who appears perfect as independent, obstinate, yet intelligent individuals, seems out of synch with one another because they remain under the thumbs of their respective fathers in spite of their love for one another. Alice Duncan continues to provide historical and romance readers with an insightful and entertaining series with another wonderful story.

Harriet Klausner


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