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Sushi for Beginners
by Marian Keyes

Category: Fiction / General
564 pages; ISBN: 0-140-27181-3

Rating: 3/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Vanessa Elliott


If you want Mills and Boon you know where to look. But, you don't expect to find such lazy, cliché drowned, fiction hidden in a book in the Top 10 best-selling paperbacks list.

Which is allegedly where "Sushi for Beginners" sits on the literary shelf. Right up at the top - in front of books written by authors with at least some element of empathy, intuition and imagination.

The story line is appallingly unoriginal - London, city girl, Lisa is sent to Dublin by her company. She is made to swap her urban chic editorship of a trendy Capital glossy for a job setting up a new women's monthly in Ireland. She's a bitch and doesn't fit in to the relaxed Irish scene, where more Guiness flows than champagne, at all well.

But her colleagues are all down to earth Irish sorts and she learns to respect their more preocrial ways. She chills out, changes, and leaves Ireland at the end of the book a nicer person.

Another pivotal character - her colleague Ashling. She's a a practical Irish sort. She has a bit of a screwed up family; but she eventually overcomes this with the love of the right man.

And Ashling's friend Clodagh - bored housewife who has an affair. But we shouldn't feel sorry for her because she betrays her best friend, her husband and ultimately herself. But it's OK - she gets her comeuppance in the end.

Horribly naff, horribly predictable, horribly stereotypical, horribly drawn out. Horrible.



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