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   Crossroads [Shadowrun]

Crossroads [Shadowrun]
by Stephen Kenson

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
288 pages; ISBN: 0451457404

Rating: 6/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Beth Spires


Shadowrun is an RPG, a role-playing game, set in an alternate Earth where magic has come back into the world giving rise to metahumans such as elves, dwarves, orcs and trolls. Mega-corporations vie for power alongside traditional governments and wage private wars utilizing those who owe no loyalty except to the almighty nuyuen. They are Shadowrunners and possess many different skills.There are shamans, who manipulate the primal forces of nature;street samurai, who have technologically enhanced their bodies with cybernetic implants; mages, who cast a variety of spells; and deckers, who interface directly into their computers and work in a virtual world known as "the Matrix".

Crossroads is the story of a mage, Talon. Talon finds himself returning to Boston after a ten year absence when a woman arrives at his apartment looking for associates of Jason Vale, Talon`s former mentor. Talon had left Boston after getting revenge on those responsible for Jason`s death. But in his quest for revenge, Talon unleashed a spirit, which feeds on his anger and hatred, and has grown powerful waiting to be reunited with its creator. But there are those who would leash the spirit for their own uses, so Talon has to dodge mega-corporations and yakuza in his quest to destroy the spirit.

Crossroads is a good stand-alone novel in the Shadowrun series. While the book refers to events that have taken place in previous novels, it is not necessary to have read those to follow the story. Kenson previously authored game books for the Shadowrun RPG. The book moves along briskly andas it is told from first person perspective, keeps the reader guessing along with Talon.


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