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All Signs Point to Murder
by Kat Goldring

Category: Fiction / Mystery
288 pages; ISBN: 0425180298

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Nickleberry is not quite like any other town in the state of Texas. For entertainment, the locals do not go to barbecues or play charades at a party. Instead, they have palm readers and tarot readers entertain everyone. These new age people are not charlatans either as they are next door neighbors.

High school English teacher Willi Gallagher has visions that come to her though she tries to close herself off from them. Willi is eavesdropping which she does whenever she can get away with it and overhears two girls D’Dee Oxhandler and Adela Zeta talking about the coven they joined. Apparently, both want to leave but they are afraid the unknown leader will do something to them. When Willi chaperones a group of students on sleep away trip to Galveston, both D’Dee and Adela are killed. The police insist there is no foul play but Willi intends to prove otherwise, especially to a psychic stud muffin in a Texas Ranger outfit.

ALL SIGNS POINT TO MURDER is a delightful, whimsical and out of the ordinary mystery that fans will simply adore. The characters are eccentric, colorful and warmly enter the readers’ hearts. The lead protagonist is a contrary yet engaging heroine whose independent streak leads her into many problems. Kat Goldring is an up and coming author who should be put on mystery lovers to be read list.

Harriet Klausner


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