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Moon Women
by Pamela Duncan

Category: Fiction / General
324 pages; ISBN: 0385335180

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Life should get easier when children grow up and leave the nest. Fiftyish divorcee Ruth Ann Moon expects to enjoy solitude in her North Carolina home, but that is not the case. The family matriarch eighty-two year old Marvelle no longer can care for herself so either Ruth Ann or her obese sister Cassandra has to take the elderly woman into their home. Ruth Ann’s teenage and pregnant daughter Ashley has just left rehab and returns to the nest.

Ruth Ann wants the best for her family, but feels like the inside of a sandwich squeezed from the two generations above and below her. She needs space, but even in rural Carolina, Ruth Ann finds her family pressuring her. Cassandra adds to the problem because she desires to leave but lacks the courage to go. She also dumps on Ruth Ann, who sees a future of death, despair, and dependency.

Though set in western North Carolina, MOON WOMEN describes the problems facing the baby boomers as the generation prepares for retirement. Ruth Ann deals with elder care and teenage pregnancy and addiction problems among other issues. The story line uses too much colloquial speech that provides a regional flavor but at times the vernacular slows down the plot. With the exception of Cassandra, the three generations of females are all powerhouses though the bread generations are struggling with life and the middle generation confronts dilemmas caused by the outer twosome. Pamela Duncan takes a deep look at the dawning of the end of the Age of Aquarius crowd.


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