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The Ballad of Blue Eagle
by Steven E. Jones

Category: Fiction / Education
46 pages; ISBN: 0-9747944-4-2

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


The animals of Peaceful Valley live a happy life filled with enjoyable games with all of their friends. One beautiful day, Blue Eagle, Arny, Pete, Timber, Toby and the rest of the gang start playing a fun game of Sneak and Peek, rather like the human game of Hide and Seek. Unfortunately, their game is suddenly disturbed by Clugar, a cougar wanting to cause trouble and maybe have one or two of Peaceful Valley’s friends as a meal. Blue Eagle, as the protector of all of the animals in Peaceful Valley, decides to teach Clugar a lesson.

The Ballad of Blue Eagle is the first of a series of books about Blue Eagle and his friends. The inhabitants of Peaceful Valley are so very loveable and cuddly. Readers will quickly pick a favourite character while gaining an appreciation for nature. The rhythmic sing-song nature of this story makes it a really fun book to read aloud. This aspect also makes the story easier to read or to mimic for new readers and pre-readers.



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