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Secrets: Fact or Fiction?
by Diane J. Newton

Category: Fiction / General
155 pages; ISBN: 0-9737282-5-6

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Secrets: Fact or Fiction? Is a collection of short stories about life and love. These short stories feature writers such as Diane J. Newton, Larry Pontius, C.T. Adams, Hill Kemp, Kathleen Strelow, C.W. Gortner, Cathy Clamp, A.P. Fuchs, and Carlene Reed. These pieces range from the romantic destiny described in A Life Interrupted through the bitter irony in A Creature of Habit to the sweet surprise of A Baby Secret. Stories are set in both modern day like A Matter of Taste and in the distant past like The Queen’s Sin. All of these tales have an air of mystery with strong ironic foundations.

Each story in Secrets: Fact or Fiction? Is entertaining while also making the reader reflect upon the message of the particular story. Moreover, the reader is also asked to determine if he or she thinks the story is real and send in his or her opinion. Readers who guess correctly could win signed copies of nine other books by these writer plus a second volume of Secrets due out in 2006. As each story is quite realistic, it will be quite a challenge for the reader to determine which stories are fact and which are fiction. Good Luck!



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