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The Undomestic Goddess
by Sophie Kinsella

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 0385338686

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Undomestic Goddess
Sophie Kinsella
Dell, Jul 2005, $23.00
ISBN: 0385338686

In London attorney Samantha Sweeting works 24/7 on her legal career in order to achieve her objective of becoming the youngest partner at twenty-nine in Carter Spinks law firm’s illustrious history. Having sold her soul to run around at hyperspeed and juggling a ton of cases, Samantha makes a horrendous error involving the Glazerbrooks account that cost her client Third Union Bank a bundle and her firm the legal fee. Her escalator to the top stalled ironically on her birthday and stunned how she fumbled the issue, Samantha already suffering from battle fatigue syndrome, mentally collapses unable to face anyone.

She takes the first train out, leaving the city in a mental fog. She disembarks in the middle of nowhere and through a series of misunderstandings obtains a job as a full time housekeeper though she has never cleaned, done laundry or cooked at the Geigers’ home. There she meets the gardener Nathaniel, who knows immediately that the newcomer is an "undomestic", but also believes she is a Goddess. As they fall in love, he expects she will leave him once she opts to go back to her real work, which occurs when she begins to unravel a scandal at her law firm.

THE UNDOMESTIC GODDESS is an interesting character study of an up and coming professional mentally struggling with a mistake that has derailed her career. Unable to cope, see anyone, and panicked, Samantha flees the city where she soon finds a life something she gave away at Carter Spinks. Readers will enjoy this fine tale while wondering if Samantha will choose the legal rat race or domestic tranquility.

Harriet Klausner


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