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Mrs. Rafton, Sowing and Reaping
by Lola C. Hardaway

Category: Fiction / General
295 pages; ISBN: 1-4208-0902-4

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Mrs. Sara Rafton is a conniving money hungry woman with a plan. After many years of having an affair with her boss Zachary Trent, Sara decides it is about time she got her due. One night while he’s drunk, Sara tricks him into signing over one of his apartment buildings to her. When he finally finds out about the new ownership, the women even manages to convince her boss that she has his best interests at heart. Sara quickly becomes a slumlord. When the building suddenly burns down due to Sara’s lack of diligence, she turns the building into an extended care facility that takes advantage of its clients in every conceivable way.

Mrs. Rafton, Sowing and Reaping delves into the seedy side of property ownership and the running of alternative health care facilities. Much of the content is rather disturbing and disheartening. Nonetheless, this book draws to the reader’s attention a number of really pertinent issues existing in low cost housing units and alternative health facilities.



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