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The Road of Silk
by Matt Afsahi & Barbara Dysonwilliams

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
329 pages; ISBN: 0-9747644-6-9

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Yasamin is the beloved queen of Gwendomere. After the death of her mother, young Yasamin took over the throne with a will to protect her people no matter what sacrifices she needed to make. She is even willing give up her throne to become second wife to King Amir of Dragonval to assure that Amir wouldn’t attack Gwendomere or kill her people.

Stubbornly in her desire to save her people, Yasamin set off to Dragonval guarded by Goliagoth, a stoic solider steadfastly focused upon his duty to the king. Yasamin’s only other companions were a loyal old woman, a renegade child, and a mysterious prisoner. Unbeknownst to this assemblage, however, destiny also wanted a say about the future of each of these individuals.

The Road of Silk is fantasy filled with adventure, magic, and hidden mysteries. Very early in the book, the reader is introduced to the concept of the road of silk, just enough to pique interest and make the reader wonder how the Yasamin will learn more about the forces behind this phenomena and how she will make use of this knowledge. Immediately, the reader starts developing theories. Nonetheless, these theories are thwarted by a series of well planned, creative twists and turns that take the reader to an unimaginable end.



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