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Thraxas and the Sorcerers
by Martin Scott

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
0 pages; ISBN: 0743499085

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Thraxas and the Sorcerers
Martin Scott
Baen, Jun 2005, $22.00
ISBN: 0743499085

In wintry Turai, the Transport Guild hires Thraxas the Investigator to uncover which of the sorcerers is stealing precious dragon scales. Thraxas freezes his butt off hiding at the docks to observe what happens. He captures Rexox in the act and refuses a bribe although the criminal confesses owning senators to do his bidding; all Turai wants is a warm bed by a fire perhaps with a beer to ease his going to sleep.

Deputy Consul Cicerius hires the Investigator as an Observer at the upcoming Sorcerer’s Assemblage that gathers to elect a new leader. The city trying to regain its once influential position insists the next chief come from Turai; however the best candidate Lisutaris is addicted to thazis. Named a tribune so he can get inside, Thraxas is to insure Lisutaris is elected. However, the Tribune has a new issue to deal with; an unknown assassin has stealthily begun murdering folks using sinister magic, but the sorcerers are all at a lost as to how, who or why. Thraxas is on the case.

The eighth Thraxas private investigator fantasy is a terrific tale as the hero seems as fresh as ever. This time he “defeats” the daughter of his client in a battle of words, stops a connected thief, embarrassed to be amongst the sorcerers having flunked their entry test years ago, and challenges a silent serial killer. The story line is action-packed and the magical world of Turai seems genuine (a trademark of the series). However, the reason this tale and its predecessors are fun and intelligent is the consistent asides based on observations and conditions from the beer-bellied star.

Harriet Klausner


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