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   Sea Dragon Heir

Sea Dragon Heir
by Storm Constantine

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
384 pages; ISBN: 0312873069

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Desiring power, the king of fire, Cassilin of Malagash, conquers the Palindrakes, whose power belongs to the sea. Cassilin`s archmage takes the Palindrake heir and forces the lad Valraven to swear allegiance to their god Madragore. Her husband dead and her son held hostage, the Lady of Palindrake knows it will take several lifetimes before they throw off the yoke of Madragore`s denizens, but she vows the power of the sea will surface one day as an unending tidal wave sweeps away the taint of Cassilin.

Two centuries later, twins are born to the Palindrakes. The male is forced to adhere to his ancestor`s vow of fealty to the followers of Madragore. However, the female Pharinet does not have an obligation to Madragore. She begins to learn the magical secrets of the Sisterhood of Dragons who serve Dragon Queen Foy. As the twins begin to return power to the sea dragons, the land turns to darkness even while freedom comes closer and closer for the people of Palindrake.

SEA DRAGON HEIR shows why Storm Constantine is one of the most acclaimed authors of epic fantasy novels. The story line is fast-paced and filled with action and magic even as the characters are fully developed. This realm feels genuine because the cast feels real even when magic is used and gods and dragons appear. With novels like the Wraeththu trilogy and this story, genre fans will want more works especially the sequels to this tale, from the talented Ms. Constantine who makes the unbelievable so believable.


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