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Skye Dancer
by Lila Pinord

Category: Fiction / General
196 pages; ISBN: 1-5912-977451

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Genre: Fiction

TITLE: Skye Dancer
AUTHOR: Lila L. Pinord
Skye Dancer is a young native girl, just out of high school and facing the summer working in the small, local café. She has known the Lake Odawa area all of her life and loves the bottomless lake and the miles of trails that surrounded it. Skye lost her mother as a wee child, and her and her brother were raised by their dad; a lonely man who never believed that his wife was dead. Skye has a gift that she does not understand or want, but one so important that she is able to do her dead mother’s biding and save the lives of those most important to her.
Skye wanders through the pages of this incredible novel with many colorful and eccentric characters. Rider, a young man who wants to be Skye’s boyfriend, is caring and gentle, and totally awed by this self-confident young woman. Snake is a young man who is also in awe of Skye, but has little to do with anyone in the community. He has faced such horror in his short life, horror that left him unable or unwilling to talk. Charlie Crane, an ageless fellow who calls himself "a prospector", lives somewhere nearby, but nobody knows where, for sure. Charlie has loved so deeply, that when his wife Hannah cheats on him, he murders her and her lover; then disappears. And when his wife dies, something dies in Charlie too. He becomes a recluse, loses his mind and keeps forgetting something very important. This important bit of knowledge that Charlie has concealed in his intermittent memory is the secret that Skye must discover. With that discovery, her life changes and she becomes closer to her mother than she ever thought possible.
Lila L. Pinord is a versatile storyteller who weaves her masterpiece, selecting and blending each new thread of her story into an intricate fabric of love, relationships, insanity and death. Her descriptions of the beauty of the lake and mountains, the misty, early mornings and peaceful yet, threatening nights, bring the reader within arms length of the characters. The reader is no more able to see what is around each corner, than Skye. How beautifully crafted this novel is, leading the reader from one event to another; leaving one breathless, fearful and truly in awe of such a skill. This is one novel that will be read over and over again. Highly recommended by Elaine Fuhr, Allbooks Reviews.

Title: Skye Dancer
Author: Lila Pinord
Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 1-5912-977451
Price: $19.95



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