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A Taste of Crimson
by Marjorie M. Marjorie M. Liu

Category: Fiction / Horror
384 pages; ISBN: 0505526328

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


A Taste of Crimson
Marjorie M. Liu
Love Spell, Aug 2005, $6.99, 384 pp.
ISBN: 0505526328

Instead of angels residing in the city, humans, werewolves and vampires live in shaky peace together though both sides loathe the other. Still each species adheres to the truce by staying away from their adversary. No one dares cross the line to befriend the enemy as the friend of my foe is my enemy too even if they are our blood.

Though “sufferers” of lycanthropy are banned by law to work in restaurants, Keeli Maddox the werewolf does anyway. She hates the grease, but is thankful to have employment as the fur bearers cannot obtain work even when vacancies exist. She also fears the growing violence between her people and the vampires that have placed the third race the humans in the crosshairs. Thus Keeli Maddox is hiding during a food fur inspection when she gets involved with an incident that leads to her about to rip a man’s throat open until shockingly a vampire intercedes. Keeli and Michael are attracted to one another, but she is a wolf and he is a fang.

Mindful of Romeo and Juliet starring in Angel, A TASTE OF CRIMSON makes the co-living of three distinct yet similar species (the colors of blood and money are the same) seem so genuine. The story line is action-packed, but clearly driven by the star-crossed protagonists who know they have found their soulmate, but to be with that person breaks society’s biggest taboo. Neither Michael nor Keeli will find any supporters as they fall in love. Marjorie M. Liu writes a fabulous paranormal romantic thriller that will grip the audience from the moment the lead duo meet for the first time.

Harriet Klausner


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