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The Amazon and the Warrior
by Judith Hand

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
350 pages; ISBN: 0765349361

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Amazon and the Warrior
Judith Hand
Tor, May 2004, $7.99, 350 pp.
ISBN: 0765349361

Just across from Troy, the Greek Commander and the mightiest of warriors Achilles and a few of his men killed the Amazon warrior mother of the then young Penthesilea and apparently abducted her sister. Pentha watched in fear and hiding. Vowing to kill the invincible Achilles, Pentha joined her mother’s people. Several years later Pentha is the Warrior Queen of the Amazons.

Pentha meets Damonides when he helps her escape from a simple rope trap by catching her as she tumbled to the ground. They become lovers, but disagree about what to do about the Greeks who have laid siege on Troy. Pentha feels this is her opportunity to avenge her mother’s death while Damon, once a great warrior, has turned away from the sword and opposes her plan of attacking the Greeks at the walls of Troy. He fears for her and her people as the odds would be overwhelming even with surprise on their side. She says after Troy Achilles will come for Themskyra. He knows he will back his beloved though he prefers the plow to the sword having seen death first hand.

THE AMAZON AND THE WARRIOR is a fabulous retelling of one of the legendary short sagas of Ancient Greece. When title characters are on center stage, the plot is filled with action, plenty of romance, and a feel for the era through she as a warrior queen and he a retired warrior wary of war. However, when the author heroically brings the depths and other perspectives of other heroes, the plot creaks from sidebar overload. Still, this is a fine read because Ms. Hand provides an enthralling look at the Ancients.

Harriet Klausner


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