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   A Wizard and a Warlord

A Wizard and a Warlord
by Christopher Stashoff

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
224 pages; ISBN: 0312866496

Rating: 6/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Wizard In Spite of Himself has created a dynasty that any person would be proud of.His son Magnus D`Armand follows in his father`sfootsteps by traveling from one lost colonial planet to another fermenting revolutions so that eventually democracy will come to the local residents.Magnus has visited six worlds in his artificially intelligent spaceship Herkimer. He has guided people on all six planets on a path leading to democracy. On the planet Midgard, Magnus selected a companion with psychic powers to join him on his quest.

Magnus under the guise of Gar Pike and Alea land on a newly discovered lost colony that seems to have no centrally managed government. However, Gar is uneasy because in his experience, a country with no governing body should lead to chaos and anarchy. Traveling as peddlers, the duo finds happy contented people abiding by the Ten Commandments in each village. Only the outlaw General Malachi and his army of thugs stand in the way of peace. However, Gar thinks there must be more to the power structure than he or Alea see.

Magnus is the most fascinating and enigmatic of the brood sired by Rod Galloway (see THE WIZARD IN SPITE OF HIMSELF). His tale is narrated in a fast-paced, breezy, and humorous story line that shows him in a new light due to his interactions with Alea. The audience will care for both characters as they join them on their travels. The seventh novelin the "Rogue Wizard" series, A WIZARD AND A WARLORD, contains all the liveliness and freshness we have come to expect from the Christopher Stasheff novels.


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