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by Cyndia Depre

Category: Fiction / Mystery
245 pages; ISBN: 1-59426-014-1

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


Cyndia Depre
Mundania Press
245 pages
January 2005
Paperback ISBN: 1-59426-014-1
Ebook ISBN: 1-59426-040-0

After leaving Minnesota Amanda rents a house in the small Illinois town of Carlisle, and becomes friends with some of the residents. She really bonds with Wade, an attorney, with whom she shares a love of pool. They trade friendly barbs and he calls her Fats because she is so good at pool and comes from Minnesota. Amanda’s younger sister, Amy, an artist often visits and becomes friends with those in Amanda’s set, including Wade. Jack Lindsey is best friend and law-partner of Wade. He sort of bristles when with Amanda, who is introduced as a widow, is near. In fact, Amanda seems to feel the same way--on edge whenever Jack is present. Amanda is just not Jack’s type. She is a petite redhead and he is usually attracted to willowy blondes. Jack worries that Wade is becoming involved with her. Something about the widow bothers Jack, and when he learns that Amanda had been accused of murdering her husband but was acquitted, he really worries. He insists she tell Wade that she had been accused of her husband’s murder. Jack knows full-well that being acquitted does not necessarily mean innocent. He decides to find out exactly what happened and if Amanda is truly guilty. During his private investigation, he talks to Amanda about the murder and of her marriage, and finds himself drawn to Amanda. But he won’t let go until he discovers the truth.

AMANDA’S RIB by Cyndia Depre is a compelling read, a mystery with twists and turns to keep the reader interested. The characters’ personalities are well drawn, and the reader feels he/she knows each one and what makes them tick. The pacing of the book is excellent. Amanda, especially, is a complex person. She has been a true survivor and she has the scars to show it. I found Jack Lindsey a bit controlling for my taste but he was working on improving that trait. Amanda is a sympathetic heroine, a woman whose past has been brutal and she has been hurt in many ways, but like a Timex, she “takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

The ending of this mystery is quite surprising, but makes perfect sense. I look forward to reading more stories by Cyndia Depre.

Jeannine Van Eperen, Reviewer




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