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Fool Me Twice
by Matthew Hughes

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
287 pages; ISBN: 0446609242

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In the very distant future, Earth’s sun has become orange signifying the aging of the solar system. In fact, the remaining inhabitants of the planet refer to it as Old Earth, which is governed by one man, The Archon Dezendah VII and his heir Filidor Vesh. Last Year (See FOOLS ERRANT) Filidor saved his uncle’s life and rescued the world from an ancient evil that slithered in from another dimension.

Since then Filidor has reverted to his dandified ways because he feels like he’s not understanding anything that an Archon needs to do. When a pretty woman who had a temper tantrum steals two valuable objects of his, he is sent by his uncle to fetch them back. Accompanying him is his tutor Bassariot who tries to kill him at the first opportunity. Although he fails to do the job, Filidor winds up at the mercy of pirates and it takes all his intelligence (along with the uses of his ear) to get him and his fellow prisoners out of their predicament. The adventures aren’t over for Filidor who must remain in hiding from his would be killer who had declared him an outlaw. While all this is going on the Archon has mysteriously vanished.

FOOL ME Twice is an irreverent book that doesn’t take itself seriously yet is nevertheless is very entertaining. MATTHEW HUGHES has a distinctive comedic voice that blends well with the action packed story line. The social structure of Earth in the far distant future is very interesting and is one of the reasons this fantasy novel is going to be as successful as its predecessor was.

Harriet Klausner


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