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Celtic Fire
by Joy Nash

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
309 pages; ISBN: 0505526395

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Celtic Fire
Joy Nash
Love Spell, Jun 2005, $5.99, 309 pp.
ISBN: 0505526395

In 116 AD Northern Britannia, Celtic Queen Rhiannon detests killing the Roman wolf, but knows she has no choice. Magdog the Druid master deemed that the foreign military commander must be sacrificed to satiate the Horned God Kernunnos in the Rite of the Old Ones.

One year later in Assyria, the specter Aulus Aquila visits his brother Lucius pleading with him to come to Britannia to rescue him from a fate worse than death. Lucius believes his sibling somehow lives so he becomes the Roman Commander at Britannia to learn the truth about Aulus. To his chagrin he is distracted in his quest by one of his prisoners Rhiannon, who knows that the soul of his brother is trapped within the stones. As they fall in love, the Celtic Queen realizes she must escape to thwart Magdog from binding another Roman Commander to the Horned God’s stones.

This ancient times paranormal fantasy romance is a terrific tale that employs otherworldly elements and a deep historical base to provide readers with an entertaining star-crossed lovers novel. Rhiannon is a courageous individual risking more than just her life to keep her beloved safe; Lucius is her fine partner if they can triumph over their guard-prisoner and Roman-Celtic differences and defeat Magdog. In many ways the villain makes the thriller brisk and entertaining as he brings to the plot wizardry fantasy components that on top of the forbidden love lead to fans cherishing the CELTIC FIRE that flows between the lead couple.

Harriet Klausner


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