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by Jennifer Archer

Category: Fiction / General
304 pages; ISBN: 0373230346

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Jennifer Archer
Next, Jul 2005, $5.50. 304 pp.
ISBN: 0373230346

Forty years old Cecilia “CiCi” Dupree feels much older than her age. She recently filed for divorce from Bert, but believes she should have killed him and buried him at the sacred canine peeing ground after seeing him kissing a neighbor’s daughter barely older than their teen. CiCi just took her widow mom Belle out of the Parkview nursing home to live with her and her college age daughter Erin.

However, the three generations of females under one roof cause an overflow of estrogen that drives the one pulled in the middle over the edge. Using lists to keep track of the demands by her mom and her daughter, CiCi knows that being the SANDWICHED generation leaves no time for her. Yet she wonders if she would have it any other way as the women find they have different needs, different desires, and different perspectives yet share the need, desire and perspective of loving relationships.

The family drama is told by rotating perspectives that reflect the background of the individual woman as they tell their side. Whereas CiCi uses a first person narration, Belle sends letters to her deceased spouse and Erin uses instant messenger and email; this technique highlights the differences between the three generational females yet also shows their common bond. Though somewhat disruptive and requiring a reader adjustment, Jennifer Archer scores a bull’s-eye with this insightful relationship drama.

Harriet Klausner


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