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Once in a Blue Moon Anthology
by Linda Bleser, et. al. Novel Books

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 0000000000

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


If you are a romantic with a touch of the adventurer mixed with a belief in magic, this is a collection of tales you won't want to miss. Five stories bound together with a common theme, but each vastly different from the other. Take a walk in The Garden of the Moon late in the night. Will you find it peaceful or frightening? Because she asked a favor of the Blue Moon, Della Rouge lived in fear of the payment beind demanded. Is there really magic in the light of the blue moon? A story that gives the impression of stepping into another time. A trip to Ireland brings KateHanlon to a small village where more than one surprise awaits her. Did she really see buildings change color in the moonlight? Can the blue moon bring strangers together as the festival brochure promises? Visit with Kate and find the answers. Be careful of darkened basement rooms like Jake's as you never know what or who might be lurking there. Jake has checked into a sanitarium becase he wants to be cured. Of what? That's for you to read and find out. He thinks the blue moon can help. While he awaits its coming, a murder is committed and the beautiful nurse Annabelle is suspected. Because he has come to care for her, he works to clear her of suspicion. Lots of mystery with twists and turns in this complicated plot. A tale that gives you a different slant on the blue moon. Because Lucidea Galvagin is the best at reconstructing faces from skulls of the long dead, she is sent to Scotland at the request of a reclusive man to reconstruct the face of a skull he has found. This is a tale told on two levels, a reconstruction of a face and a life. Imagine Lucidea's surprise when the face she creates is one she recognizes. A visit to see Nessie and learn how the blue moon can affect good and evil. Love blooms between Thea and Luke beneath the blue moon of summer. A visit to the hotel's reflecting pool will forecast their future, but something happens to intervene. The visit is never made and lovers move in different directions. But, does true love die or just lie dormant until it is awakened by the spell of the blue moon? Join Luke and Thea on a second visit to the old hotel to find the answer. Each story has a cast of intriguing characters and set of events that will keep you turning pages. Something for every reader. A very satisfying fun read that will have you wondering how the next blue moon will affect you. Happy reading.



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