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The Forbidden
by L.A. Banks

Category: Fiction / Horror
466 pages; ISBN: 0312336225

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Forbidden
L.A. Banks
Griffin, Jul 2005, $14.95, 466 pp.
ISBN: 0312336225

When the Chairman of the sixth level of Hell realized that vampire Carlos Rivera was working against him, he has him taken into the sun to be incarcerated. Damali, a Neteru (a being who fights evil) cries for her lover and performs a ritual leading to three angels returning him to the mortal world, something that has not occurred since Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

The Chairman wants to bring Damali into his domain so that when she becomes fertile again he will impregnate her with the Antichrist. Lilith, Adam’s first wife and currently married to the devil, possesses the embryo of Damali and Carlos that they are now seeking. She needs to find them so she can become fertile and birth the Antichrist so that she can defeat her spouse and become ruler of Hell.

One part romance, one part horror, and one part fantasy, in which the sum turns into a fantastic thriller in which readers from all genres not just these three will appreciate this stunningly stupendous work. L.A. Banks’ tale will remind readers of novels by Laurell K. Hamilton and Tanya Huff because of the extremely entertaining plot but it also includes a strong social message that redemption is possible for even the biggest sinners. Carlos, a drug dealing criminal, has been brought to the Light by his love for Damali. THE FORBIDDEN is one to take to the bank.

Harriet Klausner


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