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A Tangle of Roots
by David Hough BeWrite Books

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 1904492517

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


A touching tale of how a baby born to a single girl and given up for adoption can have a lasting effect on the lives of the mother and those around her as she tries to get on with her life. A story of what can happen when the baby, now grown, gets in touch with the mother in tracing her roots. Douglas Hadleigh may have ulterior motives for taking his wife back to the place where she gave up her baby to meet the now grown child, but he comes to realize it is something he must do for all of them. Bridget Hadleigh is fearful and reluctant to face the adult that was her firstborn. She knows, however, to find peace of mind, she must do so. Faith Rivers, born of mixed parentage and seeking her birth mother, unwittingly opens the door to emotions long buried for all concerned. Can she become a member of her mother's family or will she be forced to remain an outsider? A tale that might have come from the newspaper in its familiar outline of a child and mother reunited after a separation of years and a lifetime. Yet, because of the singular events in Faith's life, the reader will find her life is not just another such story. Much has happened to this girl that took her from a safe adoptive home in Australia to the life of a native girl in the Amazon jungle. You will smile and want to cry with these characters as they relive these events together and try to find a common ground. An enjoyable read and a study of the human condition in facing one's worst fears. Recommended for anyone who likes stories of the heart. Enjoy.



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