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by Jeanine Van Eperen Awe-Struck E-Books

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 1587495007

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


A trip to a cave to see the bats exit in their masses and a tour of the cave turn into anything other than an ordinary visit. Meredith was momentarily the center of attention when one of the bats flew right at her, but unhurt and unfazed she continued the tour with her friends. While they are admiring the cavern formations, an earthquake occurs. Meredith is separated from her friends in the dark and takes a fall. The earth closes above her, leaving her sitting on a ledge in total darkness. A voice and an unseen rescuer get her to safety. The stranger promises to help get her back to safety. When she does reach the surface again, the stranger has disappeared and no one knows who he is. Was he only a figment of her imagination? Why wasn't he rescued too? A fun fantasy read by talented Jeanine Van Eperen blended with mystery and a mysterious stranger will keep you reading. A tale to please any fantasy romance fan or supernatural reader. Well drawn characters bring the story to life and will leave you satisfied for having read it. Enjoy.



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