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Secret Soldier
by Dana Marton Harlequin Intrigue

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 037322721X

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


Highly trained agent Jack 'Spike' Logan is sent to Beharrain on a mission for the CIA. To complete his task he was forced to involve Dr. Abigail DiMatteo who worked with dispossessed boys in a small village. She was there on sufferage only, the local authorities did not want her there and the coming of Spike Logan known as Gerald Thornton only added to her problems. He brought news she'd won a money grant to continue her work, but when he told her what it would cost her in return she was aghast. And trapped by the events that followed, sending her on the run with him from the clutches of a fanatical leader who intends both to die. A story with plenty of action with twists and turns while the attraction grows between two people caught in a situation beyond their control. Death stalks them across the desert and into the city and they must prepare to accept their fates when they are captured. Secret Soldier by talented author Dana Marton will keep you reading, enjoying every page as the romance of the desert becomes the romance of the heart. Recommended for any romantic as a tale guaranteed to satisfy. Perhaps it will make you long for adventure or perhaps it will make you glad for the quiet times in you life, but it is a read you will definitely enjoy. I sure did.



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