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Black Flowers
by E. F. Watkins Amber Quill Press

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 1592793223

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


Shades of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein!! The old
question of how far uncontrolled research can be
allowed to go is asked in this fun thriller. If the bio-tech facility in your neighborhood won't
tell you what research they are doing, you'd better wonder why. Are they creating horrors that could destroy life as you know it? That's what happened to Allie Constantine. The horrible death of the housekeeper's son on her front lawn brings home the reality lurking just outside the guarded enclave where she and her family live. How can
the body of a grown man waste away to nothing but skin and bones in just minutes? That is the beginning of the most frightening time of
Allie's life. The dying man's accusations against her husband, David, created cracks in the placid surface of Allie's life that could not be fixed without answers, answers that weren't forthcoming. David was the head of the bio tech firm that no one knew anything about. The plant was shrouded in secrecy and some of its officers had unexplained accidents. And David wouldn't tell Allie what was going on. The pickets at the gates knew more than she did. An edge-of-the-seat thriller by a very talented author that will keep you awake late, even after you close the book. You will lie in the dark trying to figure out just what could be going on in that plant, what
happened to Manny on Allie's front lawn, why did
Allie's husband use a password to get into his office at home? The ensuing events, once Allie begins to ask questions, lead the reader a merry chase, a chase that cannot but end in tragedy and engender fear. A highly recommended read that any reader will enjoy.



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