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Dance with Your Heart
by Shirley Cheng

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
225 pages; ISBN: 1-4116-1858-0

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Genre: Inspiration/Fantasy/Poetry
Author: Shirley Cheng
Tales of fantasy, inspiration and joy are presented in the short stories and poetry of Shirley Cheng, simply written, easily assimilated yet thought provoking.
Each story provides a life lesson, from living without prejudice to cooperation; every page enriches the reader’s soul. The book will travel through the house from coffee table to child’s room providing daily inspiration for the weary and delightful bedtime tales for the young.
Children will delight in: Funny Animal Poem
A is the adder that is slithering up a ladder
B is the baboon that is looking at the moon
C is the crane that has a good brain
D is the dingo that sings Jingle Bells……….

The poetry also has a serious side in: O, Please Guide Us
Our mighty God, our loving God
I see no peace in this world
I see not much love
Hatred and wars are ever growing, expanding
Our God, guide us to the right path……..

Author Shirley Cheng has experienced much pain and suffering in her young life. Diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at eleven months, she struggled through the next eleven years until she attended her first day of school. She quickly achieved grade levels in only 180 days, telling the world that this was an extraordinary young lady. At age seventeen she lost her eyesight but after eye surgery hopes to earn a science doctorate from Harvard.
A small book for the whole family that will fulfill its promise and make you Dance with your heart. Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews.
Books may be purchased directly from the publisher, author: and available on:
Title: Dance with Your Heart
Author: Shirley Cheng
Publisher: Lulu Publishing ISBN: 1-4116-1858-0
Pages: 225 Price: $ 17.99 or $14.99 directly from the author



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