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A Family for Daniel
by Anna DeStefano

Category: Fiction / Romance
296 pages; ISBN: 0373712804

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


A Family for Daniel
Anna DeStefano
Harlequin SuperRomance, Jun 2005, $5.50, 296 pp.
ISBN: 0373712804

In Sweetbrook, South Carolina, elementary school principal Joshua White struggles to raise his abused nephew Daniel, who detests the small town and wants nothing to with his uncle as just the latest dumping on a relative. Every time Josh tries to help Daniel acclimate, he fails.

After dealing with abuse, Amy Loar drops her daughter Becky at her mother’s home in Sweetbrook while she tries to make a career in Atlanta. Becky has problems adjusting with all the recent traumas in her life and soon gets into a fight with fourth grade classmate Daniel. Their feud grows until Amy is forced to come to town. For some reason, perhaps a deep understanding of Daniel’s internal demons, Amy seems to reach him where as Josh fails to have the slightest positive vibe with the son of his sister. On the other hand Josh seems to have done well with Amy’s daughter. As they work together to help one another raise their respective child, these childhood friends fall in love, but each knows the kids must come before their own needs.

A FAMILY FOR DANIEL is an intriguing family drama that focuses on the impact of abuse on adults and children. The lead couple, their children, and other support players like her mom and teachers bring to life the small South Carolina town that shows it takes a village to raise a child. Though the woes are cleaned up relatively easy (this is a romance), fans of powerful contemporary tales with social issues will want to read Anna DeStefano’s fine storey.


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