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Fatal Memories
by Vladimir Lange Red Square Press

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 0976039818

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


A winner! This tale kept me reading until I reached the end. I'm sure it will hold your attention too. A read well worth the time. Dr. Anne Powell invented a machine based on using magnetism to treat mental illness, and because of governmental regulators' failure to approve it, demanding further testing, she accepted an offer from Russia to take her machine and work there. The request was made by people who had an ulterior motive for using her work. Once in Russia, she comes up against Dr. Sasha Lefko, a psychiatrist who has plans of her own for both Anne and her machine. Because of her interference, the whole study is threatened as well as Anne's life. Another scientist Anne meets is Volodya Verkhov and she becomes aware of a strong sense of familiarity between them. There is a mutual attraction between them that adds to her personal and professional problems. The nightmares she experiences about people who seem to come from a Tolstoy novel compound her growing problems with their increasing reality. She is determined to find the source of these dreams to put an end to them. Fatal Memories is a multi-layered tale with suspense, action, and intrigue blended well with romance among a wonderfully drawn cast of characters, all of whom you will love, villains included. Talented Vladimir Lange has combined modern Russian life with that of six hundred years ago to give the reader an experience in time travel without leaving your chair. However, it is not a time travel story.
Highly recommended as a read any sci fi fan will definitely enjoy. And anyone who enjoys a good read will definitely find this a pleasant adventure off the beaten path. Something for everyone is included in these pages. Enjoy. I sure did.



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