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Fiesta Moon
by Linda Windsor West Bow Press

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
0 pages; ISBN: 07885260633

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


Looking for a pleasant, light-hearted story of romance and villainy? Fiesta Moon is just such a book, one that will please the romantic and satisfy the mystery buff. Mark Madison, a rather spoiled rich man, is forced to accept an exchange of community service in Mexicalli, Mexico, or spend some time in jail after an agreement is worked out between the court and his brother. He wasn't sure what to expect on his rather unglorified arrival in the town on the back of a chicken farmer's truck, and he quickly assumed the small town was far removed from civilization.
Corinne Diaz awaited the arrival of an American contractor to get the renovation started on the hacienda that would become an orphanage for the children of Mexicalli. The man who showed up, one Mark Madison, was a figure of comedy with a history of unreliability and she wasn't certain he could handle the job. After a bumpy start in a comedy of errors and mistrust, they decided to work together to get the job done. Mark was attracted to Corinne, but he also wanted to go home and she figured him to be a playboy. A series of events proved someone didn't want the hacienda work completed. The workers were unreliable by Mark's standards and Corinne wanted him to use local workers. Could they reach a compromise? Would they find out who was behind the efforts to keep them from finishing the work and why? Recommended as a fun read, a tale the romantic at heart will long remember with a smile. Talented Linda Windsor has created a cast of characters who you will enjoy meeting, including the baddies. Enjoy.



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