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Bloody Mary
by J A Konrath

Category: Fiction / Mystery
307 pages; ISBN: 1401300898

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


I couldn’t wait to begin reading the newest book in the Jack Daniels series, Bloody Mary. AND, I wasn’t disappointed. J A Konrath continues with the spell-binding, edge-of-the-seat story telling that began in Whiskey Sour.

Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels and her partner Herb are on the trail of a killer that not only kills but desecrates the bodies of his victims – young, pretty “working girls”. In the middle of trying to stop this vicious killer, Jack has family problems. Not only has her mother broken her hip but she refuses to allow Jack to help. But, family ties are strong and Mom ends up on Jack’s doorstep bringing Alan, Jack’s ex with her. Of course, nothing is simple and the fact that Jack has a boyfriend doesn’t phase mom’s wish to get Jack and Alan back together.

As the investigation continues, it is suspected that the killer is one of their own. That makes it doubly hard to catch him as he knows each move they will make. But finally, Jack and Herb capture the killer and he goes to trial claiming a brain tumor caused him to kill. Jack doesn’t believe for a moment that this is the cause of his killing spree. Herb and Jack work desperately to find other evidence before the jury returns a verdict of not guilty which will set him free to kill again. But Herb is having a mid-life crisis and leaves his wife, buys a “hot” car and loses weight. Just in time, they find the evidence that will send the killer to jail despite his claim of “the tumor made me do it”.

One would believe that this was a great ending to a thrilling story but….well now would I want to give away one of the best endings yet? Go grab a copy and read for yourself how all the various plots work themselves out.



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