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by Charles White A Fairaday & Marlborough Novel

Category: Fiction / Historical
190 pages; ISBN: 0-9726303-0-9

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Jeannine Van Eperen


A Fairaday and Marlborough Novel
Charles White
ISBN: 0-9726303-0-9
190 pages

Young Phillip Fairaday captains his father’s trade ship Trust. The year is 1775 and the Fairaday family of Norfolk, Virginia are loyal to the crown. A captain of the English ship Weasel mistakes the Trust for another ship, a privateer ship, Avalon, almost a clone of the Trust. He sends over a boarding party that includes Lieutenant Marlborough. Marlborough is stabbed, but not by one of Fairaday’s men, and all believe it to have been accidental. Phillip has his surgeon tend the man. Meanwhile the Avalon is captured by the men of the Weasel, the ship on which Marlborough has been serving. Since the ships are all heading to Norfolk and Marlborough is too weak to be taken back to his ship, he stays aboard the Trust and he and Phillip form a bond. Phillip takes Marlborough to his home to recuperate with the blessing of the Weasel’s captain. There Marlborough and Fairaday’s sister, Sarah, meet and are drawn to each other. Phillip begins to question his loyalist beliefs and this leads to some high-seas shenanigans. Marlborough is very much the king’s man. The two philosophies as well as having Sarah caught in the middle lead to an intriguing premise.

THE LOYALIST’S SON is the first in a Fairaday and Marlborough series, and I’d say the series is off the a very good start. The story kept my interest and kept me turning pages, more quickly than any book I’ve read lately. I hope Charles White is complimented when I say I was reminded of books by Kenneth Roberts and F. Van Wyck Mason, because I dearly love their books, and I put Mr. White on a par with them. Both Fairaday and Marlborough are interesting and very different individuals, and the reader can emphasize with both This first book, THE LOYALIST’S SON, has set up future books beautifully, and I look forward to reading them. I can’t wait to find out what will happen when Marlborough reaches Hallifax and what Phillip and his brother Elias will do to follow up their revolutionist status. This is one book where one is left wondering what is going to happen, and hoping (probably knowing) that the second book will be equally as good. Charles White is certainly to be commended on his work.
Jeannine Van Eperen, Reviewer




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