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The Phantom Of The Opera
by Gaston Leroux Re-translated by J. M. & Randy Lofficier

Category: Fiction / Literary
381 pages; ISBN: 1-932983-13-9

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kevin Tipple


J. M. & Randy Lofficier, owners of Black Coat Press, can be consistently counted on to produce quality books. Whether they are all new novels or as in this case, re-translations of books, each one is always a work of art. Such is the case here, which is an unabridged translation of the original novel from 1911 written by Gaston Leroux.

It tells the tale of the tragic events in the Paris Opera House in 1881. It tells of the mysterious figure, occasionally seen, often sensed, but never captured that turned the Opera House into his own personal playground. He stalks some for amusement, others for money, and one for love. When the new Directors make the mistake of angering him, he sets out to claim all that is owed him once and fore all.

In addition to re-translating the original novel, J. M. & Randy Lofficier have included over forty new illustrations by numerous artists unique to this text. Each drawing is a stark vision that captures the pain of the novel. While the styles of presentation vary greatly, almost all depict the Phantom as envisioned by the artist. Those illustrations fit nicely with the novel as well as does the original short story penned by J. M. and Randy Lofficier found at the back of the book. The story attempts to explain the Phantom’s dark beginnings. Was it genetics or environment? The question is left open to interpretation.

At 381 pages and with over forty new illustrations, the work stands on its own as a quality novel and one worthy of your collection.

Book Facts:

The Phantom of the Opera
By Gaston Leroux
Adapted and Re-Translated by J. M. & Randy Lofficier
Black Coat Press
ISBN # 1-932983-13-9
Large Trade Paperback
381 Pages
$24.95 US

Kevin R. Tipple © 2005



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