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A Dedication
by John Zaiss

Category: Fiction / General
273 pages; ISBN: 0-9755922-3-8

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


A Dedication is the story of Quinnlan Marshall (Quinn). Quinn is like any normal teenager. He thinks school is a waste of time that takes him away from more important things (his computer, his music, and his photography). He thinks his parents are completely unreasonable and are more interested in his grades than in his dreams. Like most teenagers, Quinn feels like he is an endless battle of wills with his parents and with his teachers that no one can actually win.

Quinn doesn’t know it yet but his constant lack of effort and overall rebellious attitude is about to catch up to him in ways that he would never have imagined. Who would have thought that a simple trip to take pictures at Hideaway Lake and a run in with retired plumber and ex marine Joe Toscano would change Quinn’s life so much? Who would have even guessed the effect their unique friendship would have on so many others?

A Dedication is a delightful, enchanting story. I saw myself in Quinn and thought a good deal about my own teenage experiences. I also saw parts of myself in Quinn’s parents in the way I sometimes react to my own teenagers. Sometimes we all get so caught up in being right and doing the right thing that we forget the original reasoning and purpose behind our intentions. Maybe we could all use a Joe Toscano in our lives. Maybe we could all learn a few more of those life lessons that Joe had to learn the hard way. Grab yourself a slice or two of cream pie and prepare to be forever changed.



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