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Shelby and the Shifting Rings
by A.M. Veillon

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
176 pages; ISBN: 0-9762015-5-0

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Shelby and the Shifting Rings is the first book in the Defenders of Time Series. In this introductory book, the reader is introduced to Shelby Shodworth, a curious girl with a talent for mischief. Since her mother’s death two years earlier, twelve year old Shelby has been living with her uncle, Leviticus Pottsmore (the Colonel). Now, as per her mother’s explicit orders before she died, Shelby is now going to attend Ms. Peabonnet’s Academy. Shelby is conflicted. She is glad to be away from her strict, uncaring uncle but knows she will miss her best friend. Shelby need not worry, she is going to find quite a number of new and interesting friends at Ms. Peabonnet’s Academy. She will also find a good deal of mischief and maybe even a few answers to her some of her most difficult and mysterious questions.

Shelby and the Shifting Rings is a fun adventure filled story. Shelby is a normal twelve year old girl who in seeking answers to her questions finds a little more trouble and adventure than even she could have imagined. Readers will fall in love with Shelby, wish they had a friend like Newton, and long for the next adventure of Shelby and her friends.



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