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Moon’s Web
by Cathy L. Clamp & C. T. Adams

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
216 pages; ISBN: 0-765-34914-0

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Moon’s Web is the second book of this series. In the first book of this series, Hunter’s Moon, the reader was introduced to Tony Giodone. Tony was an assassin for hire. Tony was also a newly turned werewolf. In Hunter’s Moon, Tony was hired by Suzi (Sue) Quentin to conduct a hit on herself. Sue was being terrorized by her sisters Bekki and Mitzi and her mother Myra and she felt that the only way out of her situation was death. Destiny, however, had other plans for Sue.
In Moon’s Web, we find Tony and Sue adjusting to life as a couple. Tony has finally decided to accept the werewolf in himself and has just taken his place with the pack. Immediately after accepting Nikoli as his pack leader, however, Tony realizes that something is amiss. As most Alpha males, Nikoli demands complete control over all his underlings. Following without question is not exactly an easy task for Tony who is used to taking care of business himself. However, when Tony finds out some of this pack leader’s future plans and expectations, Tony suddenly realizes how big of a mistake he’s made.
Like the first book of this series, Moon’s Web has a little bit of something for everyone: romance, irony, action, and intrigue. Likewise, like Hunter’s Moon, the characters in Moon’s Web are highly original and entertaining, adding a little extra flare to the story. In Moon’s Web the reader gets an opportunity to get a deeper look at the characters previously met in the first book. Though this second book does contain a good number of flashbacks about what happened in the first book of this series, I suggest reading Hunter’s Moon before reading Moon’s Web as the books lead logically from surface characterization in the first book to a more in depth inspection of these characters in the second book. This aspect allows the reader progressively deeper understanding of the main characters and the world that they live in.



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