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A Farewell To Legs
by Jeffrey Cohen

Category: Fiction / Mystery
0 pages; ISBN: 1-890862-29-0

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kevin Tipple


In this sequel to “For Whom The Minivan Rolls,” Aaron Tucker is once again called on to investigate a death. Louis Gibson, head of a right wing conservative group that stridently preached family values has been found dead in the bed of his mistress, Cheri Bratton. His wife, who was the dream of every guy she knew in high school when she was known as Stephanie Jacobs is still an attractive knockout twenty-five years later. Now known as Stephanie Jacobs Gibson, the new widow gets the news of her husband’s death at the twenty-five year High School Reunion. What better setting for an alibi is there than being in front of your old classmates when you find out?

Because of his previous history detailed in the first book, Stephanie gets it in her head just hours after the murder to have Aaron investigate the crime and write about it for the editor she knows of a large and prestigious publication. After confirming with the editor how much the publication will pay, freelance writer Aaron Tucker reluctantly aggress and begins digging into the case.

At the same time, he deals with other storylines involving his activities as a stay at home Dad, the joys and perils of pet ownership when kids are involved, stink bombs at school, embezzlement and politics. Some of it is a very nasty business indeed and combined with the murder case, makes him a target. Before long, Aaron begins to wonder which party is just furious with him and which wants him removed permanently.

Everyone that was in the first book makes a repeat appearance here and very little new ground is covered in terms of character development. What also isn’t covered is a detailed description of the first book. Unlike many sequels, this sequel can be safely read and enjoyed out of order with the first book. In short, one can safely read this book and go back later and hunt down the first book.

While not nearly as funny as the first book, this novel provides another very enjoyable read. For fellow stay at home Dads, Jeffrey Cohen writes with the clear authority of someone who has lived in the trenches. His characters, regardless of occupation are real people and come alive for the reader in every sense of the word. That fact, coupled with his creation of another mystery within a mystery that features a few sudden twists at the end, make this novel another very worthwhile read from him.

Book Facts:

A Farewell To Legs: An Aaron Tucker Mystery
By Jeffrey Cohen
Bancroft Press
ISBN # 1-890862-29-0

Kevin R. Tipple © 2005



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