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Atlas’ Revenge: Another Mad Myth Mystery
by Robyn DiTocco & Tony DiTocco

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
235 pages; ISBN: 0-9723429-3-1

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Atlas’ Revenge: Another Mad Myth Mystery is the second book of the Mad Myth Mystery series. The first book of this series was a finalist in the IPPY (Independence Publisher Book Awards). In this first book, the reader was introduced to seventeen year old Percy John Allen (PJ), who had recently moved to Athenia with his mother after the death of his father Zack. Soon after the move, a man calling himself Hermes (messenger of the Gods) began appearing to PJ. This strange man revealed to PJ that the boy was actually the descendent of Perseus and that PJ must travel back in time to re-enact the heroic feats of his ancestor in order to save the world.

The second book of this series, Atlas’ Revenge, finds PJ four years later and settling into college life, a new job, and a beautiful new girlfriend. All seems well for PJ until a chance meeting with PJ’s old flame Andi and an earthquake. At first, PJ assumes these events are complete coincidence, until Hermes appears once again. It would seem that another of PJ’s ancestors is in trouble. Evidentially, Hercules has managed to get himself into a little mess. While completing his Twelve Labors, Hercules was tricked by Atlas into holding the world on his shoulders. PJ must not only find Atlas and trick him into taking the world back onto his shoulders and complete Hercules’ final labors but also write a paper for school, get drawings done for his slave driving boss, and be sure he’s not late that date with his girlfriend. Completing the Twelve Labors of Hercules while balancing all of his other responsibilities is going to make slaying Medusa look like a picnic.

Atlas’ Revenge, is a great action filled twist on an old story that will be enjoyed by all ages, those who know these myths by heart, and those that have no previous knowledge of the Greek myths. PJ is just an average guy stuck in an extraordinary situation. He makes mistakes, he flounders, and he tries his best. The results are often humorous and always completely entertaining.



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