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Shadow of the Scorpion
by Elizabeth K. Burton

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
310 pages; ISBN: 1-894869-97-4

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Mayra Calvani


Shadow of the Scorpion
By: Elizabeth K. Burton
Zumaya Publications
ISBN: 1-894869-97-4
Copyright 2004
310 pages
Romantic Fantasy
Book II of the Everdark Wars

After fifteen years of exile, Perian Dawnstar alt Harbinnen would wish nothing more than live in peace with her people, the Drevnya nomads. But this is not possible. Together with Randrik, the man who loves her and whom she secretly loves back yet denies, she is on a quest to find the Sword of Light and destroy the souleater—Azdrefel, Lord of the Everdark—before he destroys them.

Their journey faces many obstacles. Not only is Perian pregnant and hiding the truth from Randrik, but keeping away from his alluring, powerful touch proves more difficult by the day. They must fight murderous creatures sent by Azdrefel, and keep constant guard against Watchers. To make matters worse, a price has been put to their heads and this forces Perian to drastically change her appearance in order to keep incognito.

The Lord of the Everdark has come up with a horrible plan to possess Perian and destroy Randrik and their unborn child… Will he be able to accomplish his wish before they are able to stop him?

Nominated for an Eppie 2005 Award, Shadow of the Scorpion, the much awaited sequel to Dreams of Darkness, delivers enough romance, suspense, well-drawn characterizations and flawless, elegant writing style to satisfy demanding readers. The tension between the hero and heroine is explosive and will keep readers tingling. I was able to transport myself to another place and time and become emotionally involved with these dynamic characters. This is a story that will keep you entertained for hours and will make you want to read more of this talented author’s work. A must for your fantasy shelf.


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