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by Christopher Leppek & Emanuel Isler

Category: Fiction / Horror
358 pages; ISBN: 1885173784

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


He gleefully lived while the plague terrorized Europe and enjoyed collecting the dead. He cheerfully lived when Vlad Tempes used creative but refined means of torturing souls. He merrily lived while encouraging the French to guillotine Louis and others, collecting Le Roi’s head as a trophy. He happily lived as he chose who died within the gas chambers of Auschwitz and the other atrocities that were a 24-7 operation.
He calls himself Cerf, but he is not human or demon. Instead he is chaos and anarchy with a mission to see the world destroy itself. He makes his last stand in Coffeyville, Kansas as he spreads bedlam in widening circles. His only opponents are a mere rabbi, a priest, and a telepathic. Minor league humans, but Cerf does feel a twinge of fear due to Abigail the telepathic who has the means with the help of her religious cronies to stop his rising tide of destruction.

While not quite as grandiose as THE STAND, Christopher Leppek and Emanuel Isler have created a supernatural horror novel that will appeal to fans of the genre’s grandmasters. There are fantasy elements to CHAOSICON that will appeal to that genre’s readers. The story line is fun and Cerf is quite the villain while Abigail is a strong opponent. This cross genre novel will allow Misters Leppek and Isler to stand tall among Koontz, Barker, Lackey, and Huff.

Harriet Klausner


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