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Shallow Grave and Other Tales
by E.J. McFall

Category: Fiction / General
91 pages; ISBN: 1-932014-17-8

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Shallow Grave and Other Tales introduces the reader to the citizens of Rockville. This seemingly quiet small town appears to be model and definition of small town conservative living. Hidden under the surface, however, Rockville is town full of gossip, deception, and deceit.

This story begins with a superficial look at the town of Rockford, its inhabitants, and life in the small town as told by one of the citizens. However, this neat, pretty picture is soon scarred by the murder of a young girl, an outsider staying at the secret local women’s shelter. Though in public everyone states that the murder was conducted by another outsider, each of the citizens has their own opinion on the situation. This book examines the gossip and secret opinions from the people of Rockville in their own words.

Shallow Grave and Other Tales is an interesting slice of small town life. If you’ve every lived in a small town, you probably already know many of the characters described in this book and have probably experienced first hand the type of backbiting gossip and hidden secrets (that everyone knows) similar to those tales in Rockville. If not, be prepared to learn about the hidden realities behind the seemingly perfect small town life.



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