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Like Angels Falling
by Jane Adams

Category: Fiction / Crime
282 pages; ISBN: 0333905245

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


'Like Angels Falling' is the sequel to 'The Angel Gateway', which starred Ray Flowers, who has just resigned from the police force. He sets up a
security and detection business with an old friend, investigating a cult called The Eyes of God.

Eleven years earlier, he led an investigation into ritual murders of three boys. The man arrested was the leader of the cult and was jailed. However, he died in prison, but as he is being cremated, another boy disappears, only
to be found in the same circumstances as the victims eleven years before.

Religious cults and mania are hot topics now, what with the continued fascination of documentaries, literature and the public itself. Adams has investigated the makeup of these organisations and the novel feels accurate,
as she shows us different sides of the same coin -extremes and moderation amongst the believers.

She also continues working with her Ray Flowers character. He was made interesting in her previous novel, and now develops more sides to his
character, especially in the novel's conclusion. As a whole, it is an interesting novel and works as an authentic English police procedural, with
lots of description and is easy to read. As regards the ending, I was somewhat disappointed with the identity of the killer, as it was almost
impossible for the reader to work out the identity. It has been left open for a return to this cult, but I thought the ending could have been done in a different way.

However, despite this minor complaint, it is a good novel and reinforces Adams' reputation as a rising star in the world of English police
procedurals. I look forward to her next novel.


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