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Skeleton Bones & Goblin Groans
by Amy E Sklansky & Karen Dismukes

Category: Fiction / Humour
31 pages; ISBN: 080507046X

Rating: 3/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


I was hoping this would be a good coffee table book to have out during the Halloween season when hosting adult parties. Alas, it was not meant for the over 10 years of age set. Of the twenty poems presented in the book and the one on the back cover, only five held any interest for me. The others failed to have a poetic rhythm that I could follow. I do believe that children between 3 and 10 would enjoy the poems more than any adult I know as they describe the Halloween experience very well. They just don’t work as poetic structure for me. Most of the poems begin with a good cadence but lose that rhythm toward the middle to the end of the poem.

The best part of the whole book was the illustrations; all of which are beading done on canvas. They are colorful and realistic. Ms. Dismukes should stop illustrating books and begin a career as a pattern maker for beading. Any and all of these illustrations would make wonderful beading kits that would sell at such stores as Joann’s or Michaels. I hope to see Ms. Dismukes make the change from illustrating books to craft kit maker as her talents are wasted in not sharing her work with the craft industry.



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