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Anthrax: The Game
by Dwan Hightower

Category: Fiction / Mystery
188 pages; ISBN: 0-9720495-3-3

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Reviewer: Rebecca Henderson

Genre: Fiction – Mystery


Author: Dwan G. Hightower

A bit of romance, some scientific substance, and a large quantity of mystery, these are the skillfully combined elements of Dwan Hightower’s Anthrax: The Game. If you want a book that will take you away from your daily worries, this book is for you. I generally enjoy mysteries, but not those so frightening they prevent me from sleeping. Anthrax: The Game met my mystery requirements most admirably.
People in a New England town suddenly start dying of anthrax. Employees of several governmental agencies are sent to investigate the source of the poisoning. There are several subplots to Anthrax: The Game: one is current and the other is three years prior; events three years prior bear a startling resemblance to the current events; resulting in yet another subplot. The reader wonders, and then learns, not only why someone was so intent on killing people, but who it is. To say much more would spoil the story!
The 133 pages of this book are divided into more than twenty chapters; at the very beginning of each chapter, the reader is given the chapter setting. Because of the complexity of the subplots in Anthrax: The Game, this information was a definite asset for context purposes. A glance at the cover lets the reader know that they’re going to be reading about a scientific subject. Ms. Hightower has researched her subject matter thoroughly, although I have to hope some of the information in the book can’t be true. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it probably is all too accurate.
Author, Dwan G. Hightower currently lives in Mexico Beach, Florida. She is retired from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. In her retirement years, Ms. Hightower hopes to follow several of her interests, one of which is to research her Scottish and Cherokee heritage. She is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of four grandchildren. Ms. Hightower is currently at work on her sixth novel.
This book is a riveting mystery, with a lesson we all need to learn from time to time. Quite simply, when we’re faced with a problem, we need to step back, think about other parts of our life, do something relaxing to clear our heads, and often the answer magically comes to light. Reviewer: Rebecca Henderson, Allbooks Reviews

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Title: Anthrax: The Game
Author: Dwan G. Hightower
ISBN: 0-9720495-3-3
Publisher: DreamCatcherPublishing
Price: $19.95



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