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How to Select a Compatible Mate
by Ronald Kennedy Reviewer: Nancy Morris

Category: Fiction / Comedy
98 pages; ISBN: 1-4137-3445-6

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Genre: Comedy
Title: How to select a compatible mate
AUTHOR: Ronald Johnson Kennedy
The struggle to find a lifelong mate is enough to make any single admit defeat. The torment of unending blind dates, desperate set-ups, and awkward encounters at bars makes the search for that someone special about as fun as root canal. Survival can often ride on maintaining your sense of humor.
From this need for a good laugh comes “How to Select a Compatible Mate”, Ronald Johnson Kennedy’s first book. Appropriately labeled as a ‘Single’s Quick Reference Guide,’ the book describes typical character types to be found on the dating scene, defined using consistent headings, like ‘occupation’, ‘secret fantasy’, and ‘turn-ons’, cumulating in a rating of the potential success of a longer-term relationship with such a partner. From ‘Mama’s Boy’ to ‘Dirty Old Doris’, Kennedy creates funny and familiar characters, sometimes followed by a cartoon drawing of the dating prospect.
This is a quick and a fun book to read, whether the reader is single or married. Kennedy has a unique sense of humor that can be easily appreciated and enjoyed. He avoids the pitfall of making a satire on this subject too graphic or offensive, without losing the slightly edgy sense of humor of the modern single. Anyone who has spent anytime dating will find a familiar personality here, and certainly laughing at the bad memories will go a long way towards recovering from them!
Ronald Johnson Kennedy attended the Art Institute of Chicago, the city in which he grew up. Originally starting a career in the Mortuary Sciences, refocusing his efforts on this book allowed him to express two of his passions: comedy writing and cartooning.
Overall, this is a good read, and would make a very appropriate gift for a tired and desperately lonely single friend.

Available at: and
Reviewer: Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews.
Title: How to Select a Compatible Mate
Author: Ronald Johnson Kennedy
Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 1-4137-3445-6
Pages: 98
Price: 16.95



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