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Sabrina's Destiny
by Selena Robins

Category: Fiction / General
286 pages; ISBN: 1-931742-18-9

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Genre: Romance/Chick Lit
AUTHOR: Selena Robins
Fans of the new sub-genre: “Chick Lit” will love this book. Romance, guardian angels and the battle of the sexes all make this, the perfect take along for the ladies.

Sabrina Monroe is an independent, stubborn and determined young woman who bears an unhealthy guilt over her parent’s death. She is determined to repair and operate the family inn, but luck has not been on her side. Along comes the handsome, Jason O’Neill, “acquisition king”, just what the doctor ordered. The impatient Sabrina mistakes him for the handyman and is soon enamored. Jason on the other hand has come to negotiate for his investment firm. They want to turn it into a golf resort and along with several unsavory towns people, they are determined to buy Maple Inn. Jason goes along with the mistaken identity and soon finds himself taken with Ms. Monroe. The plot thickens as the firm puts pressure on Jason to close the deal but his personal feelings are getting in the way. Sabrina is fighting her attraction to Jason, as the past comes back to haunt her. She has been hurt before and trust is not something that she gives willingly. Can these two opposites come to an agreement? Is romance possible or will the past get in the way? Who is this kooky pink haired character that keeps popping up?

Author, Selena Robins has captured the essence of the modern day romance in Sabrina’s Destiny. The addition of the guardian angel Lucy, adds just enough fantasy to give the book a touch of mysticism without detracting from the plot. Interaction between the characters is believable and lifelike. Dialogue flows well from page to page.

Selena Robins lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with her husband David. She is presently working on a romantic comedy and intends to write a sequel to Sabrina’s Destiny. Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews.
Books may be purchased directly from the publisher, Treble Heart Books and is available on:

Title: Sabrina’s Destiny
Author: Selena Robins
Publisher: Treble Heart Pub
ISBN: 1-931742-18-9
Pages: 286
Price: $12.95 US/$16.95 Cdn.



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