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The Emerald Dagger
by Barbara M. Hodges

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
293 pages; ISBN: 0-9740848-1-6

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


The Emerald Dagger is the second book in the Daradawn Series. In the first book of this series, The Blue Flame, the reader is introduced to the magical world of Daradawn and its inhabitants. The reader is also introduced to four visitors to Daradawn: Kelsey Cafferty, her sister Regan, Regan’s friend Ben Sampson, and Maggie the dog. These four visitors have travelled to Daradawn to our world through a magical gateway between the two dimensions. These four outsiders join forces with Queen Tessa and her allies to defeat the evil power hungry mage Dirkk.

In The Emerald Dagger, the evil mage Dirkk comes out of hiding and readies his plans for world domination once again. This time, through a powerful demon confined within a magical dagger, Dirkk intends to enslave various races and use them against Queen Tessa and her allies. With this plan accomplished, Dirkk then intends to take Regan as his Queen, with the two of them ruling all of Daradawn. Once again, the inhabitants of Daradawn call upon their allies from our world, those living in Daradawn and those coming to visit the magical world as the mystical rift between our worlds opens once again.

The Emerald Dagger, like the preceding book The Blue Flame, is beautifully written, contains wonderfully well developed characters, and so action filled that it defies the reader to put down the book before the story is read. If anything, the reader will find The Emerald Dagger is better and even more compelling than the first book of this series, mainly due to the fact that the reader has already bonded with the characters and already understands the nature of this magical world. Though I highly recommend reading The Blue Flame before reading The Emerald Dagger, book two of this series is completely self-contained and the reader need not read the first book to comprehend what is happening.



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