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The Blue Flame
by Barbara M. Hodges

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
417 pages; ISBN: 0-9740848-2-4

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


The Blue Flame is the first book in the Daradawn Series. This book introduces the reader to Daradawn. Daradawn is an alternate dimensional world filled with magic, elves, dwarves, dragons, and unicorns. As the story starts, the reader meets Kelsey Cafferty, her allies, and her enemies.

Kelsey Cafferty is not originally from Daradawn. She is actually a photographer from our world, a former resident of San Francisco. Kelsey had accidentally stumbled upon a magical gateway from our world to Daradawn seven years earlier. Kelsey had stayed in this magical world to lead as Queen’s Commander to fight the evil Dirkk. With the ongoing threat by Dirkk and his allies, Kelsey needs help that only her sister Regan can provide. Unfortunately, Regan is still in San Francisco and Kelsey has to wait until the gateway from Daradawn to our world reopens, for seven days once every seven years.

The Blue Flame is a beautifully written action filled fantasy adventure. The author brings the land of Daradawn, the magic, the adventure, and all of its inhabitants to life in full color. The reader can’t help but be completely drawn into this world.



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