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by D. Harlan Wilson

Category: Fiction / Humour
225 pages; ISBN: 1-933293-02-0

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Pseudo-City is filled with short stories and situations about the lives of the citizens of Pseudofollicultis City (Pseudo-City). Pseudo-City is a strange and extremely bizarre place complete with strange laws, lateral thinking, and bizarre lifestyles. It is a city where doll hairs are used as currency. Evidently, human hair was originally used as currency but the citizens of this very strange city kept cutting off their hair to buy Rogain to grow hair. Pseudo-City is also a place where tattling, identifying someone wearing a disguise, and suicide are illegal. In the case of suicide, the individual is quickly reincarnated and tortured for the duration of this new life. Normal death, however, is celebrated with an orgy.

Pseudo-City is silly, bizarre, and completely over the top. Much of the book takes a slice of our own world, distorts it almost beyond recognition, and then creates a clever sarcastic spin on the story by having some extremely wacky characters play out the situation. No topic is taboo in this book. Topics about career, education, government, legal matters, love, sex, and death are all mutilated, turned upside down, and made into extremely ridiculous stories reflecting the distinctive and very creative oddness of this town. This book reads like a deeply sarcastic stand up comedy act.



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