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Dream of Power, Dream of Glory
by Terry Weide

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
128 pages; ISBN: 1-59611-001-5

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Tami Brady


Eric Leafstone always fantasized about heroic exciting adventures but knew that his future just included just more hard work and day to day dreariness. Then, out of nowhere a lady claiming to Cassandra Mistress of the Lights approached Eric and told him he was to be her Champion. Furthermore, as her champion, Eric would have to leave his home, travel to far away land, and save the world from evil. Suddenly, Eric’s quiet dreary life was transformed into a chaotic life of adventure, dragons, giants, wizards, sea monsters, and magical artefacts. Not even Eric the dreamer could have known predicted how far this adventure would take him from his home and all that he knew and loved.

Dream of Power, Dream of Glory is a wonderful fantasy adventure that will spark the imagination of any reader, especially those feeling trapped in their everyday life. Eric is just an average guy put in extraordinary situations. Immediately, the reader will feel a kinship to the champion. He could easily be your brother, son, or yourself. Travel with Eric and escape your doldrums; find some imagination and adventure; and save the world from evil. Enjoy!



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